Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Island of seals

Almost arctic in feel is the seal colony
lazily basking unmindful of me
but the wind’s through my hair and I’m almost there
into that state of pure ecstasy.
And purity lies peacefully free
on rocks rising up in the middle of sea
and I’m humbled more by the sight of it all
but what are the thoughts about me?
How great the treasures of the mighty sea
displayed as a lesson to combat greed
and live with the force of unified love
in peace, the pure peace of ecstasy.
But the to and fro toss of the sea’s restless waves
foretells a sad and different tale
and no hold to the rails of wishful thinking
can stop the outcome of these present days.
To the island of seals, drink in the sea
and know you are envied your ecstasy.
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