Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Story of the corner and me

I thought for a while it wasn’t meant for me
when he said there’s a corner straight up ahead
but the curious in me looked into that dream
and I saw it sitting there in patient repose
waiting for me to turn into love.

I passed him on the road for he had come that way
and I walked on steadily to reach that state of mind
but weighted down with burdens of numerous kinds
it took a whole lifetime to stand as one triumphant.

I turned then to see if he’d waited for my smile
but like a ghost he’d vanished into the ether of mind
and we stood together there for a number of years
until I knew the time was right to go the way I’d come
and settle in the safety of retail therapy
to weight myself again with things I’ll never own.

But I own my love of him stuck now like a toad
in the flesh and bones of an ordinary man
walking, walking, walking, but not going anywhere
and thinking there is merit in talking to the trees.

So the moral of the tale is to stay within the known
and not travel round the corner into the realm of soul
for there you’ll find that love sits like a spider does
in constant spin of webs and a sometimes catch of minds.

I was caught, you see, and chewed until made into new
but now today I think what a useless waste of time
better spent in walking into the jaws of lions
and sinking into demise without a knowing smile!

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