Tuesday, March 4, 2008

God speed

 On a winter’s night with daylight gone to rest
night recites a fairytale and sings of better days
in preparation for its encore in the sky.
And it rises like a wave lifted by the love of soul
high above perceptions and unfounded beliefs
to reign over all and decree to the poor
the promise of return to the true state of man.
But again, again, till death doth end the personality today 
pain enters our light shields to nourish and to nurture
the growth in every garden of how we’re meant to be
before infused into soul like a dash of water
to an alcoholic drink.
Softer then the taste, palatable and smooth,
more easily assimilated into a higher world
where experience, the mixer, refines the end product.
Refined and defined, transparent to the eye,
upright or bent over is what we must decide
before participation in the world of unseen power.
But to each the time to know
and I, a humble bystander,
can only say,
“God speed!”
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