Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's like ...

It's like that settled state of peace
becomes restless in its sleep
and I awake to heartache
and a mind is disarray.
Of course it’s just the knowing
no grace allowed for spirit love
to manifest from dreams to real
and keep a woman/man in love
till death begets again
the making of another life.
And it’s like the tears are too confined
within where they abide
and seek they do the free outside
to fill chambers of the eyes
and flood the conscious mind
with severe loneliness.
Then rises so the will and need
to bury love deep under ground
and turn the dial from then to now
with sheer determined strength.
I hear the click of notches passed
and smile at my achievement
but lo behold the damn thing slips
and swings back to the start.
And it’s like the turn, turn, try again
will one day reach the end
and stick in the final groove
of inconsequential “stuff”
not meant to stay in memory ~
and that surely is the hope
of unrequited love!

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