Sunday, March 2, 2008

Simple Simon (again)

Simple Simon wakes sometimes to the glory of a mind that feels a dream as if it’s real and knows there is a place where people play amongst the hay and exchange the straw as if it’s love and all.
But of straw it rolls into a ball bound to not be free and the same of love within a dream that, of course, is not set free to o’er lay this artful land with how we’re meant to be.
There are roller coasters, round-abouts, slides and climbing things magnetized to pull us in and keep us from the goal and so sighs a woman on the side for such is life that adds the swings to make us think we’re dizzy with success.
Of course there is a moment when playgrounds close the gates and bar the one who would play as if life can never end but it’s really just a lifetime that finishes the race with no medal of eternal grace.
So Simple Simon thinks one day he’ll come again and play but, lo behold, no playground stays the same as it once was for returning steps can’t make amends for what was left undone.
He ponders like a wise old man but finally he simply dies to all the love inside for to know it’s there is like he must rise and take the lead in the metal shop of medals to gain a slight advantage is the rush and crush of heaven.
Simple Simon, dear, dear, dear, you can’t say you didn’t know love is the way to go for you can see the “challenged” in every walk of life giving out and getting in the benefits of love.
Ah, but I know to look is not to see so Simple Simon, dear, dear, dear, please wake no more to dreams before you’ve learnt to see!

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