Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I think of the heart

The master of all experience
has warned the heart not to flutter
because the reverting to its natural gait
will force it onto the battlefield
to face the monster, denial.

That monster denial from the land of mind,
an ogre to not be viewed,
waits to pounce on the innocent
around each corner and bend
and I think of the heart and how it must be
a courageous “fellow” indeed.

It steps into the fray time, time again
and emerges all battered and bruised
but does it desist? No, it’s unschooled
in the manner and means of falsehoods.

It’s not like the cost of tutoring heart
was a mere splash in the ocean
to be flicked to the side and ignored
for the rest of its natural life
and I think of the heart and how it must be
a very slow learner indeed.

The spectator, me, from the outside believes
the fight will never be done
until earth erupts in a shower of dust
and floats in the ether unformed.

There heart and mind are intrinsically twined
and step, flutter, dance, in unison
and, oh, it’s a sight to behold
for those equipped with better eyesight
or simply a touch of insight.

Meanwhile the battle ~ heart, ogre, mind,
and me on the outside appalled
and the stupidity of it all!


  1. Hellen, I love these deeply felt heart songs. Understanding the few I have read tonight. best to you, jo

  2. Hi Jo. Thank you so much for commenting and most of all for understanding. Perhaps it's only by writing that I myself understand or at least try to.
    Be well.