Thursday, November 11, 2010

Story of a rock

There once was a rock sunken down deep
in the sand of old mother earth
and as the grains shifted and moved
it tried to reach out and hold them close
as it had done before.

But a rock doesn’t have arms, you know,
or legs and feet to follow footsteps
so it stayed to suffer the agony
of a slow and insidious chip-away
at its strength and courage.

There were many more grains round about
wherein to hide the light of insight
which dawned in recurring dreams
of how life is supposed to be
but dreams aren’t real or so it believed.

The many more grains in time moved on
into the sphere of their very own lives
and the rock alone in the sand bowed down
to the pressure from up above.

The burn from the heat of no release,
the cold of the nightmarish nights,
and the pounding rain that never washed out
the implanted need of true love.

It’s only a rock perceived to be
the same as it was before
but always there are the unseen winds
that change the contours of rocks.

Today, every day, it looks up at the sky
and wishes to be a bird
free to fly to its very own life
known to be just a dream
waiting to be believed!

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