Monday, November 15, 2010


Morning breaks the spell of night
like the quiet approach of death
but there is peace upon the land
before the jolt awake.

It is a jolt to mind, heart, soul,
when the return from sleep
lands one in the deep end
of life’s cauldron of desire.

Desire bubbles on the earthly plane
beneath a calm fa├žade
and beneath the choices made
that render us immobile.

Sometimes desire tickles me
with its outrageous needs
until laughter brings the tears
that propagate dismay.

Desire, you see, no bedfellow
to the happiness in me
because it always pulls the covers off
and leaves me shivering.

“Hello, Desire” and desire merely smiles
the wicked smile of one who knows
it’s programmed not to leave
until the spell of night
settles in to daylight hours!

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