Sunday, November 21, 2010

Am I ...?

Of course I know how amazing it is
that life should believe I’m a frog
able to jump with effortless ease
over the hurdles placed on my track.

How, oh how, to arise like a frog
and land back like a human being
sends an electrical pulse
to the working part of a brain.

Go to the light – oh, mammoth delight,
the large and all-encompassing,
but what makes you think I’m in the dark
perceived as fiendishly evil?

It doesn’t make sense to birth a “me”
and expect I transmute to a frog
when I simply have to stay as I am,
the light in my darkest sky.

I am the light out there on the track
over, beneath, and around
so move the hurdles, yes, just try
and I’m still over, beneath, around.

Am I a frog, a “me”, hurdle,
or am I plain and simply
that all-encompassing light
and a truly mammoth delight?

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