Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gust of sadness

It’s just a gust of sadness
that passes o’er the land
like travellers in the desert
seek out an oasis.

It zigzags o’er the same terrain
like the lost and lonely do
and blows in mindless circles
unbroken by intent.

Uncertain whether here or there
it simply settles everywhere
seeking so to hedge its bets
and come out on the plus side.

And so I close the windows,
the doors are ne’er ajar,
but nothing’s ever airtight
in this land of imperfection.

It’s just a gust of sadness
and an uninvited guest
due a measure of respect
before it’s ushered out.

And so of doors and windows
let them be as you desire
for life is such to always be
the force behind a gust!

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