Saturday, February 7, 2009

The ideal

What's mandated must not be
a now and ever after deal
that ne'er can change or modify
what first was thought ideal.

Like me first there and then to here
a plan's no plan if I'm not free
to formulate a better rule
according to the need in me.

The deal of then; how great it was,
how awesome to believe in you
and then bear witness to the scribe
who changed his point of view.

And I too penned my only name
and so I know how moves a one
not destined to be bound by love
until the changing, changing's done.

But change, my love, before the sun
sinks low on the alive
and shrouds the dead with past regret
until the end of time.

A deal's a deal through changing times;
but not to honour the ideal
like a cancer to annihilate
what still is meant to be!