Saturday, February 21, 2009

Homeless Love

She thought to let the matter slip
into the garbage bin of mind
from where no reflux back into
the realms of heart's desire.

So come the day when mind repels
this nonsense of perceived reason
the matter floats around about
the good and bad of each season.

Nowhere to go and homeless love
useless to man, beast, woman, child,
seeks to grab the podium
and plead asylum from the mind.

No! ‘tis not a thing that mind desires
for love‘s just a nickel/dime issue
that neither pays the piper's fee
nor brings within the feel of you.

‘tis heart that must expand and grow
and make the space for timeless grace
but it will not, won't, refuses to,
until mind moves back a pace.

Repelled by mind, refused by heart,
love's end comes first before the start!

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