Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I'm at the base of life's pyramid scheme
stretched and extended to no good avail
adding some more to the already before
then some more and thereafter some more.

Not good, not bad, but foundations don't last
when stuck in a whirlwind of everyday chores
that produces a mind devoid of intent
to retreat into the glory of the essential "I am".

But give me a chance to finish the base
I'm a worker, you see, diligent and inspired
to acquire the "this" and surely the "that"
before I'm allowed to see the first crack.

Once a crack starts it travels and goes
to where a division will make an impact
and force a step either forward or back
because no one can stand in the middle.

But life is a trickster, a swindler, a cheat
and makes us decide without a contract
for surely it seeks to tie up mankind
in a vacuum of physical needs and desires.

I'm a woman of needs, I desire, yes indeed,
but a vacuum's a deadly and dark empty place
too mean to allow an expansion and stretch
of the great and glorious essential "I am".

But I am, I am, I most decidedly am
all that I am when I think that I am
the great and glorious essential "I am"!

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