Monday, February 2, 2009


It's a constant clickety-click, click-click
of time rolling down the tracks
with no more a mountain or steep incline
to slow what cannot be stopped
or a pause at the junction between then and now
to take on more meaningful stuff.

Clickety-click, click-click, click-click,
on and on to nowhere, somewhere,
where time makes its very own line
and decides on concurrent or separate
according to whim or desire.

Time is involved in trickery, fraud,
and cons the gullible time, time again,
but who can say, "Nay" to time's merry ways
when it cannot be caught by candid camera
or redefined by intelligent minds
and packaged within the bounds
of limited understanding.

Time, dear time, pristine or used
still has the legs of a gazelle
for when no track it leaps on in bounds
to that nowhere place or somewhere
quicker than the jet-set can
or even the ordinary man in the street.

Time has eyes for it knows where it's going
but hooded and cloaked I can't access soul
and decide good or bad, right or wrong,
or plain and simply indifferent
so I think I'll just stare stupidly
and grin like a simpleton
while time does its thing, its artful thing,
of rolling on down the tracks!

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