Sunday, February 8, 2009

The crown of truth

As the world turns round and round
so spins the one who loves
slow motion it would seem
from the then into the now.

That spin is like a crown of truth
that adorns my thoughts and moves
and glitters its beliefs
from the mental realms of memory
to the present physical.

I step out sometimes from my queenly guise
into the work-a-day
that spans a time of weeks to months
of discarded memory
but that crown of truth refuses lies
and entwines itself betwixt the times
to bring love back again, again,
into consciousness.

My hair grows thick and thicker now
and the crown unbalanced wobbles
because it seems my everyday
holds no vestige of the truth.

Of truth and crowns and mental realms
see how they lie unused
when in the present physical
we lose our regal eminence!

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