Thursday, February 19, 2009

Story Line!

Take it, yes, and scratch it through
with pen of ink bold double sized
and hope the near and sure divine
can live without a story line.

‘tis not the time nor for this life
to not evolve around the tale
and immerse the heart in mystery
that not in truth can ere be told.

There's a story in my love for you,
a beginning and a middle, end
to the legend of red roses, four
and the sea and shore; perhaps they mourn
the end of what went long before
but still they live to tell the tale
of time and tide and permanence.

I will live like stories do
read, absorbed, told second-hand,
but of the ones left then to hear
therein lies the mystery.

Evolve and learn, evolve and learn,
and maybe in the spin the awe
of stories then, today, again!

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