Monday, October 6, 2008

Within the air

Love's desire travels high
and lands within my response
but I know of spirit minds
and how they do what no man does
down here on the ground.

It's like that mind a thing apart
from mortal flesh and bone
to work within my body, heart,
the magic of desire
that makes its presence known
in the midst of daily life.

So, yes, I know and am aware
of the mysterious unseen
that lives and loves within the air
as a human's meant to do
but now I disassociate
for the need is far too great
to not be honoured, satisfied,
down here on the ground.

I pity spirit minds and me
who seek to join and know the feel
of immortal love
because down here on the ground
most believe in different things
like the same old, same old, system
put in place to suffocate
what is meant to live.

I'm on the ground a woman old
but not too old to honour love
within the time-frame of this life
but I've turned and will keep turning
from the invisible ...
but that's not to say I do not know
love lives and loves within the air!

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