Thursday, October 2, 2008

A moment of love

There was a moment within the moments
of all the moments I've lived
that huffed and puffed like a lone wolf
on the prowl for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
and so it blew on my heart of stone
and surprisingly laid it to waste.

It wasn't fair to come so near
to completing my moments in tact
because moment by moment
I was going somewhere
just as I'd always been.

With then no heart to call my own
I yet had a solid foundation
but everyone knows love has no walls
and to re-build a heart no easy task
without the construct of barriers.

Day by day now I polish, refine,
the foundation and essence of love
after the wash with free-flowing tears
of my longing for you
because I cannot polish my moments now
until what was and won't be again
has been finally placed in the past.

Now with nothing to blow away
the wolf no longer huffs and puffs
but each/every moment of the moments I live
I'm aware of the movement of air
that not on the outside but deep within
makes me still love that moment of love!

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