Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Love's ride

I never thought that life could be
a one-sided pleasure ride
but, yes, ‘tis so when love
from up front drives the train
and never thinks to mingle
with its passengers.

It's like its mission not denied
is to carry us somewhere
perhaps to fantasy or simply into dreams
wherein we chat and harmonize
as if love is really real.

Oh, it travels all the byways,
lets us view the scenery,
and when we think that this is "it"
love accelerates and goes
wherever it decides.

It's not for me to question why,
it's not for me to cry,
because love is driving, don't you know,
from way beyond my sight
and like all drivers lets me think
it's going to stop in time.

It doesn't though; it travels on
to not let me alight
so all who think to leave
must simply jump and crash land
into the rough of humankind.

When done one simply walks the line
more slowly than the ride
and picks up little bits and bobs
to fill a box of tricks
for ‘tis trickery to think
love's ride mean spirited.

Love drives the train, I think to jump,
I think to stay inside,
but mostly I'm the lazy kind
who wants an easy ride
to the end of my lifetime!

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