Thursday, October 30, 2008

The river and the stone

It's the season now of melt down
and even solid ice must know
to thaw the edges of withdrawal
and bring the inner out.

But I'm not ice; I'm just a "me"
who melted into love
and seek still now to find the air
though yet I breathe in/out.

I remain like stone immovable
from the point of my descent
but that is not unusual
for one who knows to stay
faithful to the spirit
that flows within unseen.

But you, the one who doesn't know,
aligns with rivers everywhere
and that's not bad except you stay
stuck within the banks of time
unmindful of the need
to escape imprisonment.

So the faithful and the unfaithful
commune on common ground
together but so far apart
that the chasm never crossed.

This chasm broadens every day
and it's like it has to be
to dislodge the stone from truth
and send it tumbling quite bereft
into the arms of death.

But ‘tis just the death of love
and rivers and the stone know well
they won't commune again
because stones and rivers cannot walk
across a chasm, see?

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