Saturday, October 4, 2008


I've seen a rainbow, seen the stars, and embraced true love deep in my heart and now when life is soon to end I know what was won't come again.

There is no rainbow end of grace that will repeat again, again, the wonder of love's face and touch upon my human state.   The stars that once lit up the sky will not remain within the mind and keep a woman, man, and child in thoughts of God's pure holy light.

But, of course, the end is yet unseen; this still remains a mystery but it seems to me there cannot be a re-run of my history.  I take the staff, the compass, map, because I can in mental realms plan a journey, trip, voyage, that leaves the rainbow, stars, and heart buried in the long lost past.

‘tis a plan I have in place to be not one to suffer life's dis-ease or be as one abandoned, lost, in a world of fickle love.  I'll miss the birds and bees, the trees, but not the "you" not loving me and so the vision hazy first sharpens and becomes the means to not return again.

‘tis thought that activates the deed of no return into the feel of human foibles, you and me, and all the need that churns and whirls when love denied and sacrificed!

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