Sunday, October 12, 2008

The ache of love

And as the silence of renewal
o'er lays what used to be
I look back and remember love
with a deep embedded ache.

It's a pain of such intensity
no one should have to bear
but it doesn't grow to overtake
the forward movement of a life
like a shattered spinal column
keeps one immobilised.

It's simply there like skin and hair
to be moisturized and brushed
when it starts to dry and crack
and become unmanageable.

But no one says, "Ah-ha, I see
you've creamed and put asunder
what night has brought again to light
from the dark of daily life."

We just daily groom it out of sight
like something meant to be
and even I can't stay as love
when embroiled in life's betrayal.

So then the ache embedded deep
becomes something we refuse to feel
and mind the victor once again
takes a bow on centre stage ~
and all of this is meant to be
so the prophets say.

But prophets, sages, and the like
are really just like you and me
finding grace within the night
and dispelling it in daily life!

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