Friday, January 4, 2013

Sun clings

Sun clings to skin as if it would be
a lover not ever to leave
and impales mind, body and soul
onto a deep and intense lethargy.

It’s in this state that no one can say
whether alive or dead
but there is a shift of consciousness
that brings relief from the heat.

Rise up, rise up, and so she does
divested of lovers and sun
to stand as a woman alone
in the shade of this mortal life.

Upright awake yet she would be
back in the arms of glorious sleep
where the world a thing of the past
and a lover’s touch cool waters.

Not to be, not to be, but let her not be
forever impaled by lethargy
that floats her on a beautiful dream
then crashes her on to reality’s rocks.

Sun clings to skin but only for now
because like love and a true lover
it will leave the mind, body, soul,
alone in this mortal life!

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