Sunday, January 13, 2013

One day, one day

One day, one day, into your eyes
she’ll smile like a heavenly bride
at life’s so feeble attempts
at breaking eternal vows.

But not yet dead she cries;
hurt lingers long after the deed
that kills the heart before time
and leaves just the mind to survive.

And mind in its manner and form
makes of love a crippled affair
that wanders the paths of memory
with no earthly place to call home.

And I think on these things;
will one day that bride
smile into your eyes
or will the effect of life’s evilness
and ignorance of the alive
leave just the mind to survive?

Mind without heart like sky without blue,
a vacuum of devil’s delight,
and she lives now in that nothingness
until her ordained demise.

But I, the writer of love’s permanence,
leave on the sidewalk my views and reviews
for the garbage man to collect
because I know, and she knows I know,
love died when you said goodbye!

(but that’s it – I’m done)

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