Saturday, December 29, 2012

The sea and shore

The sea woke to more than before
for sleep her only succour
in all the days of her life
entrapped within the harbour
waiting for ships to set sail.

Slowly, slowly, one by one
they sailed off in their own directions
to leave the sea free at last
to explore with a sense of adventure
new and untested shores.

Sea looks to horizons of gold
maybe soon to make themselves known
and charters a course within a dream
to make of her life a settled state.

But the sea being sea doesn’t believe
in embracing the new and untried
for deep in her psyche the knowledge of years
always leads to that one and only.

Perhaps one day she’ll touch on that shore
sweet and gently like love does
or maybe she’ll thrash in anger
and land on the shore like a woman ignored.

But the sea like me grown weary with age
simply waits for the call of time
to prepare her own personal sails
for that journey of a lifetime.

Will the sea stay, will the sea go?
No one can know what time will bring
as we enter the year two thousand thirteen! 

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