Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In the wilderness

Now that gypsy lady’s still out there
in the wilderness
and instead of thinking this and that
stares into the blue.

The rays of sun and love
bear fiercely down
on her loneliness
but they cannot penetrate
her protection shield.

She knows they’re there, feels them near,
but even she cannot break
her life-built armour plate
and allow free access
to the depths of her heart.

But when the sun sets and her guard relaxed
she goes inside to wander in
the realms of loving you
to feel again and know
love doesn’t go away.

But as would be sun rises up
and the truth of love disappears
to leave her once again
not thinking this and that.

She simply stares into the blue
as if to lend energy
to the question of her heart
which asks, always asks, 
if ere again she will be
openly in love with you ~
and then the sun sets
and night comes again!

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