Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Unseen but mindfully enlarged
a picture perfect thus emerged
and walked the path of wishes, hopes,
as comfort for the now deprived.

It strutted, preened, and then enticed
with wares from deep within the soul
and the discard of skin and bone
opened the door to love.

But followed then the rise of sun
on a world unchanged by night’s foray
and I knew not thunder but the bang
of that door once opened wide.

The noise reverberates through time
and dislodges all the moments, years,
from where they’re meant to be
to the floor beneath our feet.

We walk that floor quite unaware
that pressure from our body mass
hurts and wounds love’s essence
and it lingers there close to death.

It lingers, yes, it lingers there,
waiting to rise again
but will it, can it, should it,
when all who tread upon the floor
remain forever unaware?

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