Monday, January 14, 2013

No reason

I have no reason to restructure
my now manner of being
when gone are the times
of toeing the line
laid by responsibility.

It wasn’t a chore; I loved them all
but now time to reign in the line
and wind it around my form
like a scarf that adorns,
a hair clip that holds,
and jewellery that sparkles and shines.

I do not wear scarves, clips, jewellery,
when all that I am must stand adorned
by only the essence of “me”
visible to the eyes that can see.

I sometimes think, “Why not, why not?”
and scrimmage amongst the unused
but the heat rises up to make me believe
I’m like the guilty accused
of hiding behind the transitory. 

But you can’t see, you will not see,
and in my lifetime not ever believe
that the one unadorned
loves you more!

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