Saturday, May 29, 2010

The "I love you"

So when the “I love you” breaks free
there’s no earthquake or upheaval
of what has always been
but it’s like the air is cleaner
and the sky celebrates
the advent of honesty.

It dances on the spot
like a gypsy dressed in blue
and swirls the clouds round about
its own form of happiness
far above my lowly understanding.

The sun not prone to ever leave
trembles within the confines
of its own fiery passion
and shines approval down
like an adoring parent
onto a new born babe.

The “I love you”, you see,
overrides the state of man
and births over and over again
the new and wondrous ~
and who could ask for more
except the you and me
who labour under need
to freely join the party
with feet on the ground.

And feet on the ground?
Oh, merely the bars and walls
that imprison word and deed
until the end of time!


  1. I love you is an over rated or under rated usage.Some times it never means whats there in heart.Some times it doesnt have the depth to show the true feelings.But the words 'i love you' can just make hearts fly high with the wings of joy.while it can break the wings of someother.Nice poem.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Nithin R S. I guess "the I love you" must always be assessed from whence it comes and most times, if we choose to pay attention, we can know the depth of it. We sometimes, however, choose not to pay attention and then certainly can suffer but always we should (but seldom do) take responsibility for that suffering. Such simple words but how complicated we make them - human nature perhaps.