Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just a trickle

It’s just a trickle not a flood
that courses down the cheeks of one
when sadness overwhelms the day
and empathy takes precedence.

The reach and stretch to disengage
loses force and lies dismayed
within the heart and mind, the soul,
of one bound up in love.

And how to cut the strings of love
and not fall into the ego
bothers some till midnight comes
and they sleep away the grief.

But daybreak heralds in again
more trickles down the cheeks
and a prayer is heard within the air,
“May the force be with you”.

And the prayer is magnified within
for the force of love to untie strings
and dissipate the dire effects
of connectedness.

But like all prayers they suffer so
the slowness of an aged one
in getting to the point of love
un-laden and detached.

But pray I do till midnight comes
because in the time before daybreak
someone counsels those aggrieved
until trickles dry on cheeks!

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