Monday, June 7, 2010


I know I made a vow
sometime before the lie
but of vows they disappear
when the circumstance of life
overtakes and suffocates
what was meant to be
and substitutes a fallacy.

I cannot say they’re fickle
or simply do not care
but rather that they’re fluid
and seep between the gaps
of determined ignorance
in attempts to be known
and made meaningful.

I look sometimes across the lie
but the ignorant can see no gap
and cannot gather drips and drops
of what they cannot see
and so of vows they lie as dead
from this life until the next ~
but between the two, yes, it’s true,
there’s most certainly a gap
and I await the gathering
while preparing my epistle
in defence of ignorance!


  1. this is so true

  2. I really loved this poem, everything in it is so true and when you are married you tend to tell yourself "i hope it doesn't happen to me"

    thank you for helping me to work harder on my marriage in ensuring it doesnt happen to me and yesssss i loved the part where you said 'cannot gather drips or drops of what they cannot see" only a true poet would say that

    Thanks once again, very uoplifting

  3. Hi again, Phinah, and thank you again for your comment. I always like to quote Gary Player when he said - The harder I work, the luckier I get so when people tell you that you're lucky to have a good marriage, you can just smile. :)