Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The lines

Then unto the anguished
there came a sense of peace
but I know it can be shattered
by misaligned perceptions
created by a human mind.

And that mind forward marches
the soul into despair
when the lines between the real/unreal
are frail and delicate.

I layer them; I do sometimes
when love is fulsome, free
with thread upon each thread
of unbreakable resolve
to enact upon the ground
the true intent of soul.

It’s the strengthening of lines
that finally will hold in place
all wayward human minds
and ‘tis the chore of those who love
to act as surrogates
for those too well immersed
in the times of their lives.

But until, yes, until
the agony of those who love
is put aside and nullified
they’re useless aids and helpers
in the strengthening process ~
and so I wake today
a woman only now equipped
to weave the threads myself!

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