Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Death Row

Not many are sitting on Death Row
for draining the life force of soul
because invisible crimes today, always,
are simply swept under the mat.

The mat has bumps here, there, everywhere,
but we walk as if nothing exists
until sleep overcomes the day
and soul has a chance to pray.

Maybe it prays for harmony,
and molehills to not be mountains,
or maybe it prays for compassion
for those who have no empathy.

Maybe it prays or maybe it moans
and asks for relief from the fray
like a babe in the throes of hunger
or a stray cat on my windowsill.

The mystery of soul and who really knows
whether puffed up with glee
or drowning in pools of humanity
as the days turn into weeks.

But the life force of soul not fragile
yet smiles and swims with the tide
and that’s why no one is sitting
behind the bars of Death Row!

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