Thursday, March 18, 2010

There was music

There was music once and melodies,
singers, dancers, props and spots,
and changing scenes from good to bad
until the curtain fell to ground.

It lay inert disguised as death
as heads in silence bowed respect.
The players gone, the exit shone,
and minds as one moved on again.

The play of life in coffins sealed,
the stage of now a ghostly grave
that haunts the dark of modern minds
and moves the air of evil will.

But overhead the music plays
far distant now yet still I hear
and there a star shines brilliantly
and sings the song of life anew.

It fills my heart but still I grieve,
it clears my mind but still I cry.
I seek to reach but cannot find
the face of love disguised as man.

Haunting is the melody
and chilling is the sound of fear
as dancing steps falter and end
upon the stage of all that's left.

But play again, my maestro friend,
let love not come to this sad end!

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