Monday, March 22, 2010

The price

On the street where I live
there’s no runaway deal
and the price rises up, up, up,
into the more not bargained for
with the knowing of worth and value.

Life takes the stuffing, the cherry on top,
half the filling out of the giving,
and bespeaks of learning to live
with less than ever before
but empty rooms know
how deep the soul goes
to bring up the asked for price.

Sometimes it loiters in memory
awaiting a smash and grab
but mostly the wanting of more
pays up with the bowing out.

Happily so it’s a seesaw in soul
always up when I need to pay
and I keep the rhythm so, just so,
to not ever a borrower be.

The want and the need of more
bows to the force of conformity
and pays a risen up price
for the living with less
than the heart knows is best!

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