Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A simple cry

When the line is unbroken between heart and eyes
there’s no getting away from a simple cry
but a cry’s not simple; it’s a spiked cocktail
where inputted love fights conditioning.

The fight rages for a second or more
like sea as it pounds on immovable rocks
until the waves rise, up, higher up,
and cover those giant intractable rocks.

So when the tears fall let no-one abhor
the heart’s so ardent wish to be known
for it suffered and toiled in the paddocks
of ridiculous conformity.

So now it is free and I think a red carpet
to honour its walk down the corridor, time,
for though a narrow and so confined space
it’s known that time always opens the door
to a beautiful and magnificent hall.

And in that hall ~ well, let’s wait and see
what awaits all those who set the heart free!

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