Sunday, March 14, 2010

Illusive love

Free and weightless floating there
lost thoughts in me like breathing air
dispatch desire and need to sky
and draw me up like smoke from fire.

Crushing blows and then dismay
turn nights to days in life's foray
but love, illusive love, lays down
its heart and soul into the ground.

It should fight and grow in might
and honour higher up delight
for like to like, the rule up there,
in strength can climb each living stair.

But weak and listless, disengaged,
it turns deaf ears and sleeps encaged
behind the bars known long ago
when earth became its fragile home.

Projected like a moving play
I watch enthralled its wish to stay
and sing in tune with my desire
for hands to lift the veil of time.

From there in air to here it calls
and flows through me its need of more.

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