Friday, November 28, 2008

That lingering rhythm

That lingering rhythm of love's evensong
releases the angel and demon of dreams
and so complex in nature is this combination
that feet pound the road with all we can own
in attempts to outwit the haunting.

They follow like shadows; they are shadows
shackled and tied to a mortal life
but one day an angel, one day a demon,
twirls and whirls mind's many thoughts
into a knot at the back of a head.

Of course there's a breeze to blow it all free
and serenity after the storm
to debate the merits and demerits
of running away staid and sedate
to a tune that demands a wiggle.

Time forces, you see, the forgetting of moves
to the thump and bump of angelic views
within the sphere of demonic release ~
and that's okay except for the song,
that haunting, haunting, song,
that follows the hands of time
till on the point of demise.

And then, and then, one stroke after then,
the lingering haunt of memory!

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