Saturday, November 29, 2008

A little ditty

There once was a lady called Dawn
who arose with a stretch and a yawn.
She looked to the left and thought it was best
to disappear to another love nest.

But that was then when men were men
and the spirits came down from heaven
to share for a time two bodies on fire
and know of this thing called life.

Now, the devils and demons as we all know
haven't yet learnt to go slow
so they dreamt a dream inside of just one
and framed it in gold like the sun.

They hung it, they did, in the heart of Dawn
and dusted it off with feathers and all
to tickle the fancy of her many parts
and send her in search of a loving heart.

Dawn found a heart like an almond tart
but that was only the start
for there was a soul so mournfully low
that she said, "Pack them both up to go".

And now in these days of pay, pay, pay,
Dawn has no earthly say
whether to eat or sink to her feet
because the spirits, you know, are free
to arise with a stretch and a yawn
and fly into the golden dawn!

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