Thursday, November 20, 2008

Many a day

It's been many a day since stories were told of how the young and the old passed each other midway for the old held their secrets sealed up inside and the young too excited forgot to ask why.

The old went up, the young went down and landed, I bet, in the middle of town and so it was done, God loved everyone, but he too had secrets locked up inside in case the young refused to become pawns on the everyday board of his inexplicable plan. So to children he gave only half of a brain, the other half buried too deep to be found, and he watched and he waited, smiled, cried in pain, but always believed they'd come home again.

Life was good for little children unable to see above their head height and the maneuvers and movements of perceived adulthood of no consequence in their frantic rush to quickly grow up. The children then grew new hairstyles and frowns and walked in the shadow of their former selves while the adults tried hard to remember the rules and find again the meaning of life hidden somewhere beyond failing eyesight.

Some found it, they did, and smiled for awhile until a spider came down and frightened it out. Some thought it was cool to rule like a fool while others refused to accept a new view and they all together as one became old.

The children now older but not yet too old changed the face of the earth as they're prone to do and made everything ready and waiting for a brand new intake of young. And these young ones passed the old on the way but not once in the passing did they exchange views or offer advice and it's a bother to me why they weren't ever told that they would land here with a part missing from brain.

I think it's the middle between the two sides were secrets are kept like treasures unfound but it could be the top, the bottom, the sides, because wisdom, you know, moves around all the time - and through time and with time.

And if I should pass the young on the way I too won't speak for I wouldn't know how until I have landed in some other place and grown a new style in accordance with mind.

I maybe have found a miniscule part of that half of my brain hidden somewhere down deep but, yes, that's right, a spider came down and frightened it out. The spider's name? I'm surprised that you've asked because, of course, we all call it "life"!

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