Sunday, November 9, 2008

The search for understanding

In a search for understanding
true harmony is lost
between the real intrinsic self
and this temporal state.

It's like the mind chooses denial
of its innate stretch and reach
for as it seeks to know the route
and how the roads criss-cross
it lands within a ditch
of only its five senses.

And in this ditch it's like a frog
in jump in/out of self
to land again, again, again,
on good old mother earth
and croak unsynchronized
with the truth of who it is.

Ordained perhaps for frogs, you/me,
because we can't walk on air
or be sustained and fortified
by the sense of an invisible
energetic flow
that neither holds nor strokes, touches,
the body beautiful.

But frogs don't cry, they don't lie,
frogs are happy, yes?

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