Sunday, November 23, 2008


He left her like a bride at the altar of desire
to blindly follow footsteps of a human fool
and then she knew of heartache
emanating from a level
previously denied
the consciousness of brides.

But that was then and now today
she remembers how it was
when first she knew of him
faceless and unseen
yet known to be as one
timelessly entwined
with the spirit of her love.

She called him near in dead of night
to lift the clouds of her despair
and she travelled many miles to be
in the centre of his being
till finally she knew at last
even conscious brides
must forego desire.

She lives today with that heartache
like a pall o'er happiness
detached like a press-stud
from its other half
but when she succumbs
to the memory of then
she's known to be the cliff
o'er which the river flows!

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