Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deep in the beat

Dreams speak of a greater fear;
is there love in the atmosphere
or simply molecular dust
strumming the beat of lust
in trial and test of human fools
stuck in a modern day groove?

Deep in the beat no dancing life
can two-time a mystical mind
or side step possessed duality
in the swing and sway of light energy
unbound by the laws of attrition
in this period of transition.

One, two, three, and something new
disturbs the rhythm and blues
and the "pretty/pretty" dancer in me
surrenders into a scream
the past offbeat and lustful tunes
played to death by tenuous views.

Come drummer, guitarist, singer of soul,
and the dancer is cast a lonesome role
in love's amazing but easy quickstep
because no one can quicken footsteps
when heart in slow-time decides
to deny love's ardent desire.

Thus to life and the music unheard;
the lustful dance undeterred
misses love's corners and bends
in the throes of modern day trends
and the dancer bows out defeated,
her energy now depleted!

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