Monday, August 22, 2011


It’s just a bit of stuff
and a bit of nonsense
that keeps one on the back foot
unable to go forwards.

It weighs a ton; sometimes it does
and almost seems magnetic
when time, time again,
it pulls me back and holds.

It’s history really; that is so
yet chases with the vim of youth
and jumps with great agility
over present views.

But of history I think
it’s just a mental construct
easily dismantled
when the will to move appears.

And that will is like a beacon;
fail to see and one suffers
in silence mostly like the dead
barred from the thrill of life.

I’m guilty, yes, indeed I am
of closing eyes and standing still
but slowly, slowly, comes the strength
to take that first step forward -
and it’s exhilarating
like the release from slavery.

One step, two steps, three steps, more
and suddenly we’re breathing
the clean and fresh exciting
after years of suffocation!


  1. Thanks, Judith. How heavy the "legs" are before we take the first step forward. Quite a challenge sometimes.