Monday, August 8, 2011

Cold winds

Cold winds blow the dust away
like love that scampers from a mind
into the present day denials
forced upon all humankind.

It’s not to say that love is dead
but rather that it’s changed its style
from humble to aggressive mode
bedecked in selfishness.

I grow sometimes so very tired
of the “I” that permeates the times
and the dangling, swinging, swaggering,
egotistical boasting.

But perhaps the worst is yet to come
as love descends each day some more
into dark and dingy caverns
hidden from the light.

Bur who can know it’s on its way
when the “I love you” said every day
falls from mouths unconsciously
just to appease and to deceive?

Words alone can’t change the times
but love in deed I do believe
raises love at least heart high
to easily then move up to mind!


  1. I like this poem a lot...and agree with its message wholeheartedly!

  2. Thank you so much, Judith, for taking the time to leave a comment. It is nice to know that someone is reading and also nice to get agreement because sometimes it seems, at least in my world, that I'm way off the mark. I do, however, stick to my view. :)

  3. this was a beautiful poem. It reminds me of how the longer you are in a relationship with someone, how love tends to just go away or seem like its just being said to be nice. I saw a poem similar to this at

  4. Thanks for the read, Billy, and for your comment. I suppose it's called just going through the motions.