Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The magic of self

The magic of self
when known can be seen
as something completely unreal
when viewed with an eye
attuned to the times.

And like all magic
it confuses and baffles the mind
but to know it is there
can start the process
of an amazing performance.

Practice, oh, practice,
it needs practice,
but how like this life
to keep us distracted
and on the same old path.

I dream sometimes but not enough
of a reality out of this world
and lose it on my way back
lost like the glorious past.

But I dream again, again, again!
Never stop dreaming, my friend,
for in the times when time’s undone
there’ll be time to … cash in on dreams.

The trick is to not be caught
in a limited view
that ends the dream before it’s begun
but how like us all impatient at best
to want what we want right now.

And I want, you know, I certainly want
but I dream again, again, again,
because there’s magic in a dream
and one day I’ll bring it back!

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