Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yet and yet

From out the wild they came today
three monkeys in a row
hungry, yes, perhaps they were
like the love deprived.

Yet the hand-out they received
not sufficient unto sustenance
forced a then intrusion
into my private space.

And it’s that little bit of love
as well not sufficient
that turns contentment upside down
and alters all our norms.

Yet, and yet, norms did us well
and the little yet sufficient
if only, if only,
we’d not ventured into grace.

Monkeys climb the trees,
come down to feed with me,
and return back to the wild
the same as when they left.

Yet, and yet, humans are beset
by that little not enough
and one day when I’m wiser …
I think I’ll be a monkey!

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