Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh, yes, indeed!

Ordered to perfection;
some say, oh, yes, indeed,
this universe of sun and moon,
of stars and planet earth.

Like clockwork comes the autumn,
the winter, spring, summer,
and yet of life it falls and dips
to no known calendar.

It’s a flow I do not understand
for it veers from my decisions
and departs from all routines
instilled as my support.

Not quite a puppet yet it seems
someone is pulling strings
and at the end I move and sway
to a beat I cannot hear.

Life, oh, life, oh, yes indeed,
you tax the minds of minions
yet leave us free and clear to say,
“Never to say never”.

I never would, I never could,
I’ll never do this/that,
and the master at the end of strings ~
well, I wonder, do you think
he/she/it will die one day laughing?

But masters do not ever die.
They simply rule from far away
and suffer so the sure results
that laughter always brings!