Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple thing called "Love"

Though well ensconced and settled in
a period of change
it seems the mind can still rebel
when losing sight and awareness
of the bigger picture.

But little minds can’t ere access
what’s not yet here designed
to allow continuous viewing
beyond these present times.

There are times when my little mind
drives me up the wall
and out the roof into the air
to see what’s lurking there
and when I find you there
I’m awed and overcome
by that simple thing called “Love”.

It’s the journey back from air, roof, walls,
that lands me like a wounded bird
back into daily life
and from there it’s many miles to go
to arrive at acceptance.

But we face the challenge - we all do
of living life and breathing air
not suited to our core
and it’s best in the overall
to not escape the times.

And when life is sometimes seen to be
a devil thing incarnate
we all can know like I do
that somewhere far and yet so near
there’s that simple thing called “Love”!

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