Saturday, July 9, 2011

Personal matters

So the journey began not fully aware
of the route, the scenery, me,
but in the meander I finally came
to the heart of all personal matters.

I found some amazing and wonderful things
and some things not befitting a queen
and I thought maybe it was alright
because I surely am not a queen.

I went there, yes, I did.  I did that, yes, I did.
I thought this/that, yes, I did
and I loved you, yes, I surely did,
down there in the heart of all matters.

So the meander continues,
heart takes in and grows,
and love, heartache, happiness, grief,
expands at a daily rate.

Be happy!  It’s good to know all things
but of love it really should float above
all of those things down there, down there,
in the heart of all personal matters!

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